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We have a proven track record, with a hand in two of the world's longest running positionings for countries (Taiwan and New Zealand), and success with the more difficult challenge of correcting trailing perceptions (made in Taiwan and Colombia). The United Nations World Tourism Organization recently singled Colombia out as a role model for country image projects.

Country image or destination branding is all about ECONOMICS. It’s about opening the door wider to exports, investment attraction and tourism. It’s about answering the question: who is (your country) and how can it compete effectively among the other 190 or so countries round the globe? It’s about DIFFERENTIATING your country from the crowd.


UNWTO Report on Colombia

The United Nations World Trade Organization’s (UNWTO’s) report from that General Assembly represents an overview analysis. An excerpt of the report states, “Colombia, with its strategy for the creation of a new country image, with an interrelated tourism brand, constitutes a good model for other countries that have to face analogous situations.”
The full report, Colombia: Back on the Map of World Tourism, can be read here.

Colombia Installation New York

The country of Colombia opened a traveling exhibit in New York’s Grand Central Station that featured various heart-shaped promotional displays, building on the “Colombia is Passion!” country image brand developed by VMA Worldwide.
The full Dayton Daily News article, Dayton entrepreneurs form marketing firm for foreign governments, can be read here.

Shantui Case Study

“VMA Worldwide captured the ideal balance between performance and price with the multi-level-meaning ‘VALUE THAT WORKS’ positioning statement.”
Cheng Zhaohong, General Manager
Shandong Shantui Construction Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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