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Case Study: Taiwan.

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This island export powerhouse has been using INNOVALUE as its Made in Taiwan positioning for more than 15 years. It works. In the late 1980s, it was determined that Taiwan exporters were losing billions of dollars in potential profits to the so-called “Made in Taiwan discount,” exacted by buyers because of the low regard consumers worldwide held for the Made in Taiwan label. But, reality had changed markedly by the early Nineties, and Taiwan was a leading producer of all kinds of leading edge products, such as computers and peripherals, mountain bikes, graphite racquets, and much more. The island suffered tremendously from the adverse economic effect of this TRAILING PERCEPTION. A decision was made to devote national resources toward closing the gap, first with the positioning IT’S VERY WELL MADE IN TAIWAN (created by Bight & Associates, of Venice, CA), tackling the issue of quality head-on, and later with the more competitive positioning of INNOVALUE (created by David Lightle).


“Innovalue captures the unique genius of Taiwan manufacturers in using innovation to create value in leading edge products.”

Stan Shih, Founder, Acer