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Case Study: Thailand.

Thailand Advertising Series

In June 1997, the Thai Government predicted the economic and financial crisis that would strike a month later in that country, leading to a domino effect throughout most of Asia. David Lightle was called in to work with Time Warner/Turner to devise a communications program to offset the unprecedented crisis. The objective was to keep foreign investors from fleeing the country. The project, TRUST THAILAND, did just that. While investors fled other countries in the region, Thailand held strong by facing up to its mistakes and taking the bitter pills of IMF and World Bank cures, short-term and long. A print and electronic media campaign was launched to communicate Thailand’s willingness to cooperate and face head-on its challenges. While other nations waffled and blamed others, Thailand stood tall, and the unique stance paid off.

“The objective was to keep foreign investors from fleeing the country.”

Thai Government