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Case Study: Timsun.

Backed by the latest production technology from Taiwan, TIMSUN, located in Weihai, Shandong, China, is becoming a significant player in the tire and tube domestic manufacturing industry. To assist in the objective to grow their export business, VMA Worldwide was hired to develop a global brand. Through the process of developing the brand platform, it was recommended to change the name from Tiumsun to TIMSUN for easier pronunciation by the worldwide target market. VMA Worldwide also created the tagline “Excel Beyond.” to reflect the company’s relentless dedication to manufacturing a quality product. Next, work focused on the application of the newly developed brand look and feel to a corporate overview brochure, corporate video, company website, product brochures, print ad campaign and more including a visual identity manual.

“The brand refresh, including the ‘Excel Beyond.’ positioning statement developed by VMA Worldwide, has been effective in reaching the international market.”

Ma Guangming, CEO
TIMSUN Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co., Ltd.