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Case Study: Weichai Powergen.

The Weichai Power Generation Co., located in Weifang, Shandong, China, had been hidden within the major Weichai Power conglomerate. Weichai Power Generation Co. was given the charge to grow and was given the autonomy to make it happen. VMA Worldwide was commissioned to assess the current status of the brand, refresh as appropriate and apply the new look and feel to an integrated marketing communications program. The Weichai Power icon was retained for both the association with the parent company along with its positive visual equity. After performing its customary market review, VMA Worldwide recommended to shorten the business name to a more contemporary sounding Weichai PowerGen. Additionally, the tagline “Power On.” was developed to emphasize the importance of having uninterrupted power for their land, marine and emergency genset customers. The application of the refreshed brand included a corporate overview brochure, corporate video, company website, product brochures and print ad campaign.

“The internationalization of the Weichai PowerGen brand throughout our integrated marketing communications program positively supports our growth in the global market.”

Ron Moore, Chairman
Weichai PowerGen