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The VMA Worldwide Process.

We approach destination branding with a nine phase, step-by-step process that is both logical and efficient. This process has proven to be quite successful. And unlike some other agencies, we actually do the work.

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  1. Total Immersion Model.
  2. Drop Formula.
  3. Research.
  4. Strategic Positioning.
  5. Tagline.
  6. Identity.
  7. Master Launch Plan.
  8. Supervision.
  9. Evaluation.


Taiwan and Colombia Brand Identities and essence

Drop Formula IconOur proprietary process distills a country’s main attributes down to a single essence that is both unique and highly marketable to the world. An example is Taiwan INNOVALUE, or Taiwan’s unique genius for using innovation to create great value in leading edge products. In Colombia, PASSION was uncovered. That may not sound unique, but you’ll soon learn that Colombia’s particular brand of passion is indeed unique to that country and its people, so much so that Colombia not only HAS passion, but is passion.

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