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The VMA Worldwide Process.

We approach destination branding with a nine phase, step-by-step process that is both logical and efficient. This process has proven to be quite successful. And unlike some other agencies, we actually do the work.

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  1. Total Immersion Model.
  2. Drop Formula.
  3. Research.
  4. Strategic Positioning.
  5. Tagline.
  6. Identity.
  7. Master Launch Plan.
  8. Supervision.
  9. Evaluation.


Focus Group Research

Our process begins with in-depth, focus group research among stakeholders throughout the country or destination. These typically include government officials at all levels, academics, media, heads of civic organizations and in some cases man-on-the-street interviews. We also make use of existing survey data, if available. (Note: In some cases, we are called upon to first do an assessment of the country’s potential for positioning itself long-term, prior to undertaking a full-scale project.)

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