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Case Study: Colombia.

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Colombia has faced harmful trailing perceptions. Today, the country hardly at all resembles its long-held image for violence, guerrilla warfare and drug trafficking. But, that perception sticks. The real Colombia is a foreigners’ favorite: extremely vibrant, colorful, an ecological wonderland, friendly people, great food and much more. Since launching the colorful Colombia is Passion! campaign, the country has literally boomed off the charts, garnering international awards for its economic reforms and progress. Its doors to foreign investment, tourism and exports have burst wide open, largely due to the new realities at home, but in some part as a result of the Government and private sector’s resolve in partnering to overcome the bad image sooner rather than later. Domestically, the project has provided a much needed rallying point for the Colombian people, uniting them as only an international soccer match could do. The United Nations (WTO) has singled out Colombia as a role model for other nations facing similar challenges.


“The Organization believes that Colombia‚Äôs case can serve as a role model for other countries in similar circumstances.”

Excerpt is from a UNWTO report titled, Colombia: Back on the Map of World Tourism.