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Colombia Destination Branding Case Study

“The Organization believes that Colombia’s case can serve as a role model for other countries in similar circumstances.”

Excerpt is from a UNWTO report titled Colombia: Back on the Map of World Tourism.


Naha Destination Branding

“VMA Worldwide created an identity that is a perfect fit for our Heritage Area, using what I would call “practical creativity’ with all the style of a New York agency.”

Tony Sculimbrene, Executive Director
National Aviation Heritage Alliance


Taiwan Brand Case Study

“Innovalue captures the unique genius of Taiwan manufacturers in using innovation to create value in leading edge products.”

Stan Shih, Founder


Thailand Destination Branding

“The objective was to keep foreign investors from fleeing the country.”

Thai Government


Shantui Global Marketing Materials

“VMA Worldwide captured the ideal balance between performance and price with the multi-level-meaning ‘VALUE THAT WORKS’ positioning statement.”

Cheng Zhaohong, General Manager
Shandong Shantui Construction Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Weichai Powergen Case Study

“The internationalization of the Weichai PowerGen brand throughout our integrated marketing communications program positively supports our growth in the global market.”

Ron Moore, Chairman
Weichai PowerGen


Timsun Branding and Positioning

“The brand refresh, including the ‘Excel Beyond.’ positioning statement developed by VMA Worldwide, has been effective in reaching the international market.”

Ma Guangming, CEO
TIMSUN Rubber Tire
(Weihai) Co., Ltd.

“It’s about changing your dialogue about your country or destination.”
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